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Food Pantry
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6422 Santa Fe Drive,
                  Overland Park, Ks 66202
About Santa Fe Waystation
The Santa Fe Waystation is operated with over 70 volunteers.  Some work only on Monday mornings or Monday evenings. 
Others help with tasks during the week such as picking up groceries and unloading trucks at the church, or re-stocking the shelves.

            Some of the volunteer options on Monday mornings or Monday evenings are:
                    * check clients in and help with paperwork
                    * help clients in the pantry
                    * help clients load their cars
                    * welcome people and chat with them 

            Some of the volunteer options during the week are:
                    * help pick up groceries
                    * help unload trucks at the church
                    * help sort, tidy and restock the shelves

If you would like to be a volunteer at Santa Fe Waystation, call our volunteer coordinator, Jane Doerflinger
 at 913-262-1964 or email her by clicking this button.

In 2016, the Food Pantry served over 3,762 families (almost 15,000 individuals). 
With a budget of $25,000 we provided $415,000 worth of food and basics for families in need. 
Currently, we are providing food for around 80 families in the Kansas City area every week.
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Our Board of Directors:

Santa Fe Waystation is governed by a Board of Directors. Apart from the Director, all Board members serve on a volunteer basis.   

Current board members:

  • Cindy Beals, Director
  • Joan Robinson, Director Emeritas & Board Chair                                                        
  • Linda Hageman, Secretary                                      
  • John Robinson, Treasurer                                                              
  • Rev. Harun Gatobu, Board Member, Pastor, St. Mark's United Methodist Church 
  • Rev. Don Bird, Board Member, Pastor, Antioch Church of Nazarene
  • Nancy Wallerstein, Board Member, Local Business Owner
  • Tom Barrett, Member, St. Mark's United Methodist Church
  • Jane Doreflinger, Member, St. Mark's United Methodist Church                                 
  • ​Jim Hammons, Board Member, Shawnee UMC
  • Diane Zwart, Board Member, Antioch Church of the Nazarene
  • ​Kevin Zwart, Board Member, Antioch Church of the Nazarene
How did we get our name?

The name Santa Fe means "Sacred Faith" which defines the Christian community from which the waystation was born. 

The name Waystation is one familiar to the pioneers who traveled the Santa Fe Trail and settled the west in the 19th century 
because a waystation was a place of rest and comfort for travelers on their journey.  At a waystation, a traveller would find a place of welcome
where they might stop, rest and take in nourishment before continuing their journey.

So we have combined those words. Because of our deep faith as a community of God's children, we offer a place where those in need 
might find welcome and help for the journey.  We believe the names suits our mission well and we hope to remain faithful to its meaning.
The Santa Fe Waystation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity.